Anybody uses Vantage Point ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by noescaper, Feb 24, 2006.

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    I wonder if this software is truly good to what the sales person claim. For one thing I know, the sales guy in this company suck. They don't care a damn to reply your emails on technical enquires of the product. They just want you to buy and try it out.
  2. Is it as good as they make it out to be. Yes and no. I trade the ES, and use it as an indicator on the predicted high and low. It rarely hits both but usually reverses within a point of one of them giving me one good opportunity during the day. I don't think that I would automate a system off it though, and think its overpriced but i bought all markets for $1500 (not that i need them all).
    But it has helped me trade intraday reversals better.
    Hope this is of help.
  3. Use Search to check out the experiences of fellow ET members who have used Vantage Point.

    Good luck

  4. My friend it is a lot of money and I agonized over whether to buy for a while,, if you want, let me know what you trade, i can send you the most recent daily reports if you want to get a look at if it helps. Remember it is not a system,, it is an indicator to be used in conjunction with other indicators. A lot of the bashing in previous posts are from people expecting it to be a magic wand, which is stupid. You could even post in the classifieds to see if someone can sell to you cheap.
  5. I find that the way the sale guy talk and talk and's all sale pitch.

    Just putting in the pressure and reeling you in before you have the time to do the proper research in choosing the right tool.

    Geez, it's our life's savings we're talking about. I want to make sure I do enough research with the pressure of a pushy sales person.

    If the sales person is pushy and makes comment about getting you a discount or better deal and that he is going to talk to his manager to make a deal and stuff...

    Forget it. That's an age old sales trick to get you sweating.

    I politely declined and continue on with my research in finding the right tool for myself.