anybody used MicroHedge option software?

Discussion in 'Options' started by tender_andy, Mar 28, 2003.

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    I used it as a marketmaker. My comparision is between Microhedge and a few DOS based programs which I hated with a passion. Microhedge is a good program. It may not be for you though depending on what and how you trade. The program is more of an option pricing and risk analyzer. Unless things have changed in the last three years, it doesn't contain scanners and such which many people on these boards look for. It more suited to theoretical/greek based trading. If your position contains options across many strikes and several months, this the program for you. If you sell put spreads, while it has some nice prcing stuff in it, it probably isn't worth the cost. Last I heard, from somebody in a previous thread, a subscription is $400 a month. Right now, I don't need it, an excel worksheet works for me, however in the future this program would be my first choice. Most of the stuff I've looked at is pretty mediocre by comparision. Microhedge was written by and for Market Makers on the floor, a rare true statement(I've even been to their office).

    The program itself is not very different from an excel worksheet. It is fairly idiot proof. My only complaint was the file system. I remember it being a little awkward, nothing that would change any minds and is probably due to the way most traders will use it anyway. Also, it could probably use some sort tabs to flip between screens.
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    MicroHedge is the predominant options pricing tool on the floors of the option exchanges and well worth the monthly license fee if you are serious about options trading (and doing some serious size as well).
    You can use AT-Financial or Reuters (and most likely some other vendors as well) as data provider. AT-Financial is good and well-priced if you only want to do US products, for overseas product you'll need Reuters.
  3. And what can one say about CQG option software ?
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    CQG is very nice software but seems it enough expensive. There is Option Simulator RT - very power software for option analysis.

  5. if you mean - i can`t get work their site during a month ! ! ! ! ! !

    do you know if their site will ever begin to work ????
  6. Bayoption has a very nice software called option RT. Problem is coder /owner retired or movd to a hedge fund so you can only get thru private sale. Good luck