Anybody use "Value Line Investment Survey"?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by risktaker, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. Are they any good at picking potential stronger/weaker stocks? Any better than a simple relative strength against major indexes type of indicator?
  2. sheesh, Value Line has been around for years! I haven't heard them mentioned for a long time. They use to publish pages that you would add to your three ring binder...When I was 18 years old my broker invited me to his office at Payne Webber....he thought I was some sort of genius and wanted me to research there in my young years...ha ha everybody was a genius then...

    I don't know if they're any good anymore...

    there is also Vector Vest...




    Canslim and IBD

    for this sort of trading...
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    Mark Hulbert Ranking Service rates VL fairly high for LT investing. Note I wrote investing and not trading. If you are more than willing to buy and hold for LONG periods of time then it might help. It's a fundamental approach. No TA. This was my view of VL as of "many" years ago when I looked into it.. agpilot
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    ValueLine ranks have not done very well in recent years. I still use the service for fundamentals and screening. Zacks seems to be doing better.

    I actually screen the IBD100 group according to my own swing scanning criteria. In bullish phases the group is always very "perky" and you can go for 2-5 day trades.

    I also scan Morningstar. Their 5 star selections are all heading down, while IBD 100 stocks usually heading up in bull phases. I may buy Morningstar selections if I like the background.