Anybody use RJ Thompson (

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Sterling, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. Hi

    I was wondering if anyone is using this broker??Evidently they also have a new JAVA platform similar to Interactive but better designed. They charge 5 dollars per trade and 1c per share. Their rated pretty well on the elite trader ratings but looks like they stuffed the ballot box because two of them are using the same unknown ISP.

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    I use them...

    They're okay. I like the java interface, it decent and simple to use. Execution is fairly fast. Their the only online broker that I know that actually publicly publish their uptimes.

    They're not very good about communicating changes to their system though. For example, when the new java interface came out, I didn't even realize that it was available. I stumbled onto it by accident. Plus, their electronic confirm system has been having problems. I have received confirms that had duplicate trades, etc.

  3. P2 thanks for responding

    Which one of their platforms are u using? The "Rapid Jet" direct ECN access or the regular online service? I think its kind of strange for a direct access broker just offering archipelago and Island.

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    I use their Rapid Jet Plus, which is their java app. Rapid Jet is similar to Rapid Jet Plus but it is strictly web based. There is no Windows app as far as I can tell. The applet appears stable using the Microsoft JVM. Until recently I was using it under Linux which was my previous trading platform. It works fine with Java 1.3.

    About order routing, I'm not experienced enough to understand the differences.
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    has anybody used RJT LII data feed with the Medved Quote Tracker, and the integrated trading feature with this broker?

    QT states that it is a has a "direct access interface". How does this fit in with RJT and their java based DA trading platform.

    Something doesn't quite feel right about this -- any input?

    I was thinking of moving to IB, but if i can go with RJT and get Quote Tracker to operate as a charting and execution platform - well, that seems pretty clean.

    Any advice would be most appreciated!