Anybody Use Direct Trade Futures?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by samus, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. samus


    I'm looking to trade the YM / ES and have narrowed the search down to Velocity and RML Trading... but found another broker who is not listed in the brokers menu...

    Anyone have info on Direct Trade Futures?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. samus


    well, I guess no one has done any business with DT but did find something interesting about them... chime in if you have additional info...

    seems Direct Trade is run by Omid Farr which also owns GO Futures, which also owns Sonic Futures, which also owns Farr Financial and any others I might have missed.

    The number of futures business entities this guy runs is a tad interesting... don't think I'll be sending a check anytime soon.

    NFA site list a few complaints as well.
  3. I have been a client for a while,
    and am quite happy.

    They are small enough to give personal attention,
    yet big enough to have some of the most sophisticated
    technology. Charting is topnotch, lots of ways
    to enter orders quickly.

    I think Farr is associated with multiple names
    because he provides the common technical
    backend for the different companies.

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  5. What to think about the financials of Farr Financial ?
  6. hi samus .. if you haven't made a decision yet ... check out manduca trading ... an independent ib in chicago w/multiple plats, great customer service .. good luck with your trading
  7. "?What to think about the financials of Farr Financial ?"

    I'm not sure if account size is a fair measure. For example, Velocity is only a wee bit larger with only about $2 million in company funds, yet I believe that most people think of Velocity as a solid FCM.

    But having said that, I did use DT's/GO's platforms in the past and it was frequently having software problems. Every so often, the charts and quotes were not updating properly for reasons that nobody could explain to me. I called customer service / tech support serveral times, but got no return phone call... Moved to another brokerage. I suggest you avoid Farr / DT / GO / Sonic / etc. since they all appear to use the same platform.