Anybody tried Rockwell Trading?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by 2ndwind, May 11, 2010.

  1. 2ndwind


    I have been watching some of Rockwell Tradings webinars and am interested in any reviews of the program they offer. I have searched the web but cant really find anything negative being said about them which seems a litttle well odd to me. There are positive reviews on the Rockwell website but what do you expect.
    So has anyone had any dealings with them ? Could you tell me about your experiance?
  2. Frits


    I hope you haven't wasted any money on Rockwell Trading yet. Just saw your post and there was already a thread on rockwell on this forum. but still.

    Watch this video:

    Underneath the vdo you will find the URL to an article that tells you about my 12 month experience with them. It includes the results of 10 weeks of shadow trading. In there you will also find a URL to updates of what happened after I exposed their scam. Recently two of their staff members (management team) left the organization.

    Before you start paying to any educator:
    - are they trading live
    - do they have a good track record (tradelog kept by third party)
    - can they show prove of their success (trade account balances)
    - ask yourself:"if I had a winning strategy, would I sell it"?