Anybody tried GEM's 19" flat panel LCD?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by goldnucs, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. goldnucs


    They look pretty decent and are on sale for $229 after a $100 rebate. They're limiting sales to one per customer and I need three to replace my 21" Dell CRT's. Guess I'll hafta use aliases.
  2. why bother with cheapos. go for the dell 1905 for about the same price and get probably one of the best monitors available for about the same money.
  3. goldnucs


    Where'd you find a Dell 1905 that cheap? $323 is the lowest I've seen at using coupon. Also spotted a 19" FujiPlus there for $230 after a $90 rebate. 12ms response time; 600:1 contrast ratio. Pretty decent reviews overall.
  4. ER9


    not sure if you checked out their stock yet....saw a nice samsung for around 270ish after rebate. Good review section from customers as well.
  5. watch the coupons. dont forget shipping. dell often ships free.
  6. goldnucs


    I see a Samsung 915N for $289 after rebate......great reviews and 8ms response at 13.2 lbs.....They offer the 3G Tech GM-190B also at $229 after $100 rebate, but that's a 15ms response with a weight of nearly 29 lbs and reviews that are less tihan glowing. You are right....nice site...thx


    ps.....still curious about where you saw the Dell so cheap
  7. hcour

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    I bought one (GEM 19") a couple months ago. Very pleased w/it. Makes my CRT look like crap.

  8. goldnucs


    Main problem I see with it is the weight!
  9. I have been waiting for the rebate since Jan. 2005.
    Do not trust that $100 rebate crap.