Anybody trading out of Bermuda?

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  1. can you share your experience living on the island?
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    I've been looking into this on the web, seem to be plenty of hedge funds based there but can't find any info on actual trading connectivity etc.

    Anyone trade ecbot or eurex from there, hows the speed and what's the deal with tax and residency?

    I think it would be a great place to work :cool:
  3. I was there in September 2005 attending a hedge fund conference. So here are some observations.

    Very few traders actually there. Lots of hedge funds registered there but managed out of financial capitals (London, NY etc..) But there are a handful of hedge funds actually managed there

    Re-insurance businesses are actually located and doing business there. It is the dominant financial business there with all the big global names represented.

    2-tier housing system, most houses can only be bought by local indigenous population, the small amount allocated to foreigners is as a consequence horrendously expensive.

    Only locals can own cars, visitors must travel by moped, taxi or bus.

    Overall the cost of living s high

    The beaches are beautiful

    Flight to NY takes approx 2 hours

    Overall not my cup of tea
  4. sorry forgot to mention. The British national tcom provider is the Bermudan internet provider. I heard that its reliable and fast (see post about global re-insurance companies being there).

    Bermuda is a tax haven but to avail of that it depends on your tax residency prior to locating there, tax treaties etc. It's discussed at length elsewhere on ET