Anybody trading micro e-mini on IB? Any issues?

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  1. I am thinking about giving this a go. I would like to do a bunch of paper trading before going live. Don't want to open another account elsewhere... got two already. Also is there any issue with trading micros on IB with a small account? By small I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of $23588.44 approximately as of a half hour ago.
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    I trade some...MNQ, MYM, QM (oil) and VXM
    My margins are different (higher) since it's tax advantaged account.
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  3. comagnum


    I trade the micro's in my IB Roth & IRA rollover using chart trading with auto brackets & an adjustable stop - smooth sailing .. one click and done.
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    What is a tax advantage account? and why does it affect Margin for Futures? which country tax status?
  5. I trade some in MES. The bid/ask spread is usually very small. Only by the time I have to roll over from one contract to the next you have to beware for widening spread. By the way: the same comments apply to M6E (micro EUR/USD futures contract).
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    Probably same as trading at any other broker. Commissions are cheap.
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  7. And there is no PDT restriction on trading micro eminis, right?
  8. I'm not sure whether the PDT rule also applies to futures, or only to stocks. Anyway, with your 23.5 k USD account size it should be possible for you to increase that to 25+ k USD? After which the PDT rule does not apply any more.
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  9. I'm pretty sure there isn't. I've never run into it anyway, not even when I traded with less than 25k.

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