Anybody trading at Houston VelocityFutures office?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by GeorgeSoros, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I would like to get some comments from traders trading from VelocityFutures offices in Houston.
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    I spoke to them last week and got the impression that they did not have many people as they did not like the summers in Houston. They may be opening an office in Aspen, more news expected this month. Aren't you in London?
  3. I am a mobile guy, ready to go to USA if the deal is better than with MacFutures
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    Do you want to trade in the middle of the night? Maybe opportunities in the us bonds now they have cut exchange fees.How are you going to get a green card?
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    What is the deal like for own account traders at macfutures? I have been quoted 0.25 euro up to 5000 lots plus eurex exchange fee at another london clearer.
  6. Most futures offices don't have as many traders as they'd like ... probably because it's hard to find talented, consistent futures traders.
  7. What green card? Tourist visa should be enough...Trading is not the same as getting a salary every month...
  8. Yes but still 80% of backtraders there disappear after 2 years. Knowing you sign a contract for 18 months when you are a backtrader, this is a wrong choice for 8 out of 10 traders...

    But indeed working with own-money traders, I was surrounded with around 80 traders so this is still A LOT...But traders are not the most communicative people, in particular when managing positions 10 hours per day...You don't learn as much as you think you would.
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    Why not come out to Chicago? There are plenty of firms out here. I'm sure you will find a deal that you like better out here.
  10. okwon, because I don't know them... Give me some names & website, either here or privately.

    I think in general prop future firms don't advertise. I found MacFutures by chance and probably don't know how many firms like this there are in London.
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