Anybody trading ASX SPI 200 ?

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  1. Any comments with regards to volume, spreads, correlation etc.?

    Thanks in advance !
  2. Pager


    I trade this market every day, volumes are good for the day session and it moves well, current range is about 75 points or A$1875.

    Watch out for Australian statistics which are usually announced 11-30am Sydney time also the RBA announces interest rate decisions on the first Tuesday each month at 2-30pm, at these times volatility goes pretty high.

    Avoid the night session as its not very liquid and spreads can be huge, the day session the spread is most always only 1 point (A$25 per point).

    Overall its a very good market to trade, well the day session is anyway, opens 9-50am or 10 mins before the cash, closes 4-30pm or 30 mins after the cash has closed, night session runs from 5-10pm until 8am the following morning.
  3. Xtreme


    The volumes and spreads are good during the day, but can widen a little during the night session.
  4. dozu888


    aussie is not bad, although the spread can stay at 2 points quite often.

    Taiwan is the easiest to read, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

    the best one is korea, very technical, superb liquidity.

    Hongkong is good if you are a thrill seeker.
  5. RedDuke


    Between all Asian markets, KOPSI is the best to day trade.
  6. Xtreme


    What broker are you using to trade the kospi?

    When I looked there was only one or two online platforms that offered the kospi.
  7. RedDuke


    I use IB. What other brokers do you know?
  8. Xtreme


    I use the platform for most of my trading. I have used the IB platform before, but found their support hopeless.

    Unfortunatly very few online platforms seem to cover the kospi.
  9. RedDuke


    I can only use broker that offers either Ninja or X Trader.
  10. What do you know about them ?

    The web site does not inspire confidence:

    - can't find commish schedule

    - can't find any mailing address

    - can't find list of products or exchanges

    - can't find any evidence of financial stability

    - can't find margin requirements

    etc etc

    DNS record suggests they are owned by:

    and the DNS registrant (MXWay Online) is a parked domain.
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