Anybody Traded while on a Cruise?

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  1. I know this is a little off the wall, but I am leaving next week for a cruise down in the Caribbean. Headed out on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.(RCCL) I have never needed to worry about this before, but there is a chance I may have some postions that I want to keep an eye on while I'm gone.

    They do have wifi access, but I am reading some horror stories about connection quality, speed etc. Has anyone cruised lately on RCCL and been successful checking in on their positions or placing trades etc.

    If it works, I may just cruise forever.:D

    Any thoughts by someone who has done this would be appreciated.

  2. Don't do it. Use the search button this topic has been posted before. I recall many negatives and few postives. Besides you deserve to relax right? :)
  3. ive dont in many times but its just not worth it unless you have somebody at home that is in charge of your positions so a couple times a day you can check in. but to do it live from the ship is very dangereous. now the ships have wifi in the common areas and ive not used that. but after a while in trading its just more important to forget about trading for a week. do you remember the feeling you get when your in a position and something goes wrong with the connection with your broker and you panic because you can't get ahold of them. well thats kind of what you will feel like trading live on a cruise ship.
  4. I was really just planning on checking in once a day and re-setting stops, etc. I would not consider trying to trade live. Best bet would be to close up shop before I leave I guess.
  5. They offer internet access and when I was on the ship I did see a guy logged into ameritrade but I made a promise to my wife not to look at the market for the 5 days we were on the cruise so I can not personally tell you how the service is. I would just say get flat, or set your stops before you leave.
  6. What about trading while undergoing an MRI? Or how about during a root canal?
  7. :p he he. No need for that, I will just schedule when the market is closed.

  8. There are always a few about who use cruise facilities to do what they do. It is too limited to expect to run with your normal set up.
  9. LMAO, let's a classic! :p :D
  10. i'm going on a 7 day cruise on rccl newest biggest 139k ton boat this summer. soif they have a common ground area i can use my lap top?
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