Anybody trade from their patio?

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  1. Going to start doing this every Friday. Change up the routine a little. Anyone want to join? Beer, bbq at 1(PST)?
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    Patio and Pool deck.
  3. Just had to one-up me...
  4. How do you keep the glare from making it impossible to see if you use a laptop? I've tried it, but it's just too hard to see my screen. Got any recommendations for a laptop with a really bright screen?

    Also, anyone have one of the Sprint mobile wireless cards? How reliable are those things. Would love to free myself to be anywhere and trade.
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    This should help with the glare. I got one of those now I just need a laptop :)
  6. Haha, yes, that probably would help. I was under my patio umbrella, but the Texas sun is brutal.
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  8. Quick, get the sunsetter retractable awning! free dvd to boot!
  9. I have a Sprint Broadband Card. I use it for a backup connection while at home (in case cable internet goes down), and I made a few trades with it via laptop while riding Amtrak. Data Speed varies based on location, but if you know the coverage areas in advance (if moving), or, if you remain stationary within a broadband access area, the Sprint Broadband Cards work very well for many styles of trading. I have not tested the connection for either 'high frequency' nor 'scalping' type trades.


    - Spydertrader
  10. Used sprint broadband card a couple years ago, smoking fast.

    For the patio setup (eh, we call em 'decks'), among other things if you just need a visual of your trading screens throw VNC on your pocketpc/smartphone to keep eye on charts/msgs.
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