Anybody trade CBOT mini silver futures?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by nfin01, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. nfin01


    i am interested in the market but could not find much info. on the mini silver futures. i downloaded the publication from CBOT site but i still have many questions.

    Do you know where else can i get the information on the market?

    p.s. i currently trade the CME e-minis and have never traded commodity futures before.
  2. be careful ... be very careful ...

    you will find the M.M.s have "black box" programs
    that really make it hard to make a silver "buck"

    it can be done ... if one learns , learns , learns

    and if the volatility remains high

    for example ... here is a headline about todays trading
    in silver and gold ...

    "NY Precious Metals Review:Up In Subdued Trading Conditions"

    yet ... shortly after the COMEX opened its day session

    there was a dumper and then spike back up

    perhaps someone wanted to take advantage of fridays
    low volume to push things ahead of Bernanke Speech
  3. Setharb, which market makers do you mean, the ones in the spot market or the ones in the futures market ? Or are they indistinguishable ? I would assume that it's the mysterious spot market that usually moves silver... how does one get access to the spot market ? Impossible ?