Anybody see the FOX ad that SLAMS JIM CRAMER

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I was going thru the channels and fox had an ad for fox business channel that ridiculed cnbc for calling jim cramer a guru and then citing some of cramers recent idiot market calls that blew up in his face.I only caught part of the ad but i was blown away it was great.I dont watch fox but this was hillarious.
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    Fox Business took out a half page ad in the WSJ slamming Cramer too. It ain't just for anonymous internet chatters anymore.
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    here s the fox ad

    It slams cramer hard.Good for them.


    The promos are running on FBN and FNC, as well as through local avails on CNBC in many of the biggest markets (including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles). The print ads ran in the New York Times and Wall St. Journal today, in the National section.

    A CNBC spokesperson tells TVNewser: "CNBC has the most affluent and educated audience on TV and they are not easily fooled by publicity stunts. Jim Cramer is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful market commentators in business news today. Given that 'Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer' has more viewers than all of FBN's shows combined, the business and investment community clearly agrees."

    An FBN spokesperson responds, telling TVNewser, "We'll let the words of the investment community speak for themselves," pointing to this post from Seeking Alpha ("Very irresponsible. Financial suicide. Cramer should be suspended") and this on ("Mr. Cramer is a 'fear monger'").
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    If I were ever going to have a market show on TV, I would follow the Rukeyser model. He had it right. Shame on public television for firing him. He was the best. Uncle Lou was witty and informative. He never made any of these absurd grandiose predictions or told people what they should buy/sell. RIP Mr. Rukeyser, you were the best.

    I've got nothing against Jim Cramer. he's a fireball of enthusiasm and I like him too. He just needs to wise up to the conditions of the market he is operating in. He has a real chance of being canceled now.
  5. I couldn't stand his smugness.
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    I loved Lou and miss WSW but he wasn't fired from PBS, he developed a cancerous tumor in his back and was unable to do the show.
    RIP Louis Rukeyser
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  8. They should have him back. Sort of a financial "Weekend at Bernie's"

    Dead, he's better than these guys.
  9. its funny how cnbc had an issue with dan dorfman not too long ago, and then go out on a limb try something similar with a loose cannon...
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    Has anybody labelled Cramer 'unpatriotic' yet?

    I wouldn't be able to stop laughing for a week if I heard that's happened :)
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