Anybody pay Tom Yeomans for his signals? They are a ripoff!!

Discussion in 'Forex' started by otherside, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. I paid the guy $275.00 a few months ago for his supposed 1,000 pips a month or something close to that. He showed his trading statement, so it sounded somewhat believable.

    It turns out, this guy has issued 5 or so trades in 3 months and does nothing but gives market commentary that he cuts and pastes and tells you to BE CAREFUL trading!?!?!? WTF!

    I think this guy is a total phony! Anybody have any experience with this guy?

  2. Not being funny but just how gullible are you :eek:

    You should know not to pay anyone anything until you see their performance live in real time, for free!


  3. Thanks prick. Do you have anything constructive to say? I saw his trade report and figured $275.00 is a small amount in comparison to my trade account and I'm not bothered about the money, just bothered that the guy pussed out on putting out more trades since the market "got too volatile" for him. I was just trying to diversify my own trading.

    I used to sell stock research to quant managers all the time without any "live performance," so STFU you 2 bit piker with a mini account and probably demo at that.

    Anyone else have any experience with him?


  4. Just a follow up. Tom Yeomans supposedly had a good reputation out there for quite awhile and I couldn't dig up any dirt on him at all.

    I am just wondering if his recent performance is indicative of his past performance.

    Thanks again,

  5. Otherside,
    I love trading against stupid schmucks like you.
    you're too lazy or too stupid to make your own homework so you pay another guy to "guide" you.
    If Tom knew what he was doing, he'd use leverage and make way more from that than "subscriptions"
    Mutual funds/ ETFs are for people like you.
    Idiot. Get out of the Market !
  6. So we have another clown poster. Why are you so angry and bitter and insulting? Seems that you have deep emotional problems to be lashing out at someone like me that you don't even know.

    I'll say it again, I used to sell quant models to hedge funds and other professional money managers. So by your logic, they are pathetic and should stop trading. You are a real winner and have no clue about the real world.

    Who said I was relying on Tom Yeomans for all my trading?? I just threw the guy $275 one time for some trade ideas in currencies. Something I used to sell to names you only read about in the newspapers regarding stock trade ideas.

    Seems like Elitetrader is turning to ElitePiker by the gauge of amateurish responses so far.

    Again, anyone with any intelligence have any experience with Tom Yeomans in the past?

    Thanks again,


  7. lol, I'm not the one who gave money away to a complete stranger for trading signals, that was you.

    Anyway stop crying like a little girl, it's your own fault you're a naiive gullible fool who got shafted, no-one elses'.......

  8. Wow, you really need to chill out, have you had a bad trading day or are you always this angry with the world?
  9. Why do you care so much to waste your time posting empty messages? I mean really, you spend a lot of time just throwing out insults in half your posts. Get laid or get help

    You can call it what you want, but professionals pay for trade ideas all the time. That is something you wouldn't know as it is quite clear you are very unprofessional.

    I was just saying the guy showed me his trading log, has had a good reputation up until now, and then he stops trading.

    Again, anyone else have any experience with Tom Yeomans?

    Thanks again,

  10. Epic fail.
    #10     Oct 17, 2008
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