Anybody owns a prop firm?

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    Would you be interested in showing your firms total pnl to the world in a very unique and beautiful way?


    Traders value transparency and seeing people's results.

    Please pm for details and we'll talk.
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    Please show me your PnL. Transparent and beautiful.
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  4. Most people/traders have no good news to share or disclose,
    That's just the sad fact, and reality, of this business,

    And the few people who do showoff their returns/results...have usually gamed it.
    Very, very few people are the rare, genuine real deal,

    That's why everyone in this industry is so private and closed-off, o_O
    Alot of people hate talking about their weaknesses/failures/inadequacies -- it's like an AA meeting...the first step, is admitting it,
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    Hi LL,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I completely agree. Individuals are private for many reasons, not only when they are losing and the ones that show their results are typically people trying to sell you signals and courses.

    But when a firm is showing how much money they are making, it becomes a key differentiator to attract talent and increase visibility. I want to find them and grow my business with them.

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    Agree 100%
  7. algofy


    What exactly is your biz Thiago?
  8. JSOP


    My name is JSOP and I am a trader.
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    Are you still trading or now an entrepreneur
  10. JackRab


    Traders don't value it... but like to see what others are making... doesn't mean that others would like it for them to see...
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