Anybody making money trading in summer?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by dozu888, Jun 13, 2001.

  1. dozu888


    I guess the answer depends on the trading style. I am mostly an 'intraday swinger' looking for 1-3 points with 0.1-0.3 point risk per trade.

    This month I am in the red..(market has no direction you know). It also happened to me last summer.

    Is anybody actually making money trading in the summer with a similar style? or maybe it's better to spend time on the beach?

    Advice appreciated much.
  2. Hitman


    Down $600 last month, flat this month.
  3. Hitman


    My firm is struggling as well, but top tier traders always pull the games out no matter what, one trader sitting next to me had 3 down days during this entire stretch, and she never even had to cut down her sizes, plain amazing.
  4. tradeRX


    Ya gotta get with the program dudes!!!
  5. dozu888


    managed to pull out $2400 last month, down $1k this month, trading 3-400 shares NYSE stuff, I figure with this kinda share size, $4-5k/month should be reasonable target, otherwise it's not much better than flipping berger at McDonald's.
  6. dozu888


    traderRX, what program ???
  7. Wet


    In the last two weeks, I increased my trading portfolio by 12%. Luck? Maybe, who knows. But the fact is that you can make money over the summer.

  8. jsmith


    You can make money in any market.
    The problem is that different trading strategies work better for each type. I miss the good old internet days where stocks like AMZN or QCOM would have a 15+ point range per day.
  9. I'm up over $5K so far this month. I trade far less than I did in the strongly trending markets of the past two years. Now I've been waiting for very high probability setups, and I make maybe 4 or 5 trades a week right now. Like rtharp mentioned in another thread, one of the key patterns I look to trade are parabolic blowoff tops and bottoms, where a stock has run up or sold off hard for a multi day period and is in very overbought or oversold territory. I recently picked up a couple of multipoint trades shorting LH after it had run up strongly for a week.

    Another bread and butter play I do now are morning gap breaches, particularly in this scared market on earnings warnings, as I did with JNPR on Friday. These plays have been quite reliable.
  10. dozu888


    Agreed, I also find parabolic multi-day moves quite reliable, especially on 3-5 day hard sell-offs with extreme volume on the last day (SFA would be a good example today, although if it's still above 50 day MA after 3 day sell-off would be perfect, but I still bet SFA will bounce for 2-3 days after today). Just that I haven't been playing multi-day swing games for quite long time, maybe it's a good time to pick up during the summer.
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