Anybody make out huge on short side?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thunderbolt, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. Today was one of my best short side days. I usually have a hard time initiating short sells in this environment--but not today.
  2. i'm short sebl. i shorted it within a few min. of the open. i gotta say i nailed it too.. in around 9.74. it closed at 9.12. :)
  3. Took NVLS for a nice -1.10 point ride later in the day. Looked like it was getting ready to bounce off a double intraday bottom at 1:40 ET then all of a sudden . . . . glub glub glub.

    Gotta love this market.
  4. I nailed OEX 440 puts to the wall today. That was very nice. Also rode KLAC into the ground.

    Covered 1/2 at close, holding 1/2 overnight.

    Naz is dead.

    Will consider SMH puts into strength tomorrow....
  5. ChrisRT


    Nice job on NVLS Tech Analysis..I took the same trade from $26.50 on the short side. But I'm just an intraday knucklehead so I doubt it counts as a "making out huge".
  6. Can iShares (like SMH) be shorted like ETF's ?
  7. Babak


    Since it is an ETF, then yes. All ETFs can be shorted w/o an uptick as far as I know.
  8. It seems there's always an exception. The Internet HOLDRS (HHH) is an ETF that is not exempt from the rules of short selling (SEC Rule 10a-1).
  9. EVall323

    EVall323 a bullet then it is easy to initiate