Anybody looking to sell a proven, scalable trading system/model?

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  1. "nitro", anyone I deal with will come to know me personally. I have collaborated with many individuals through ET, both online, on the phone, and in person, who all know who I am. I've had traders to my home whom I've only had a few conversations with. I prefer my privacy online. Its just the way I like to do things.

    Nothing too mysterious here, just a trader who has paid a few dues, and is now in a position to extend an offer to others. Please note that I am not looking for anything proprietary until it is necessary. I have already been approached by a number of traders they can tell you that my communication has been one of constructive criticism, not overeager in any way. Just seeing what's out there and what can be combined for mutual benefit.
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    I worked for a long time developing a trading system which gives simple signals a trader has to follow. As a working prototype it works fine. Good in fact. I have 3 months worth of data you can review on real trades. The software is written from the X_Trader API. And it has a different research component which is custom as opposed to having been bought off the shelf.

    Good luck,
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