Anybody looking to sell a proven, scalable trading system/model?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by microjohn, May 13, 2005.

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    microjohn, check PM inbox please
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    I have had times where I had some really hot systems that only lasted a year and then they went negative so you never know how long they will last. My best high risk one was in 2003 where I made over 10,000% in 6 months starting on a very small amount of money. There's been years where I had nothing working.

    I currently have something that will be perfect for you that is very low risk currently running at 4000% per year going in full margin with a 90%+ success rate. You can also use this as a half day conservative system where you will be done trading by 11:00 AM usually every day and still do over 500% a year. The 10-20% you talk of sounds fine to me, but my only concern would be turning over a working system that you can just take and use elsewhere. I know the system could end in a year but you never know, maybe it will last longer or forever, it could end tomorrow. So I think you should charge each user at least $2000 to start and this would make your offer a $40,000 down plus 10-20% of profits. For this I would go for it and would give you a warranty that the system continues to work for at least a decent period of time, then after that it could last forever or a year nobody knows.
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    No offense, but 82 trading days is not exactly a "track record" that would garner much interest in the professional community.
    Many traders are able to make it in the short run.
    Hopefully you won't learn the hard way that longevity and the ability to stay in the game is more important than short term success.

    This is a great start though so keep it up.

    While ET can be a valuable tool, judging by the number of posts you have on the board it might behoove you to channel you efforts toward something more productive than breaking the world record for posts.
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  4. im here.... waiting for offers.

    you have seen what my system can do. I have posted many live trades.

    the system itself is not for sale. I will accept
    an advisory postion.

    pm me if interested.

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  5. Well, since we are on the topic ...

    I am currently searching for system traders whose systems could be a worthwhile addition to a current system portfolio I am managing.

    The firm I work with is seeking to build a wider portfolio of systems in order to benefit from greater style diversification and to meet future capital influx.

    This is an opportunity to leverage the returns of your systems through managed assets while minimizing the need to incurr the costs of technology or monitor the system while it trades. This engagement requires no capital contribution from the system developer. I personally license my own systems to the firm in question and have been satisfied with the conditions of the licensing agreement. They have helped me hone my systems and produce winning results on a much larger capital base than I could have had access to as an individual.

    We are seeking systems meeting the following criteria:

    Simplicity of system design

    Enduring nature of market behaviour being exploited

    Minimization of parameters

    Sharpe ratios above 2.0

    R2R on a yearly basis above 3.0

    Ease of possible implementation


    Interested parties should send the following to

    1) Daily equity curve in the following format:

    yyyymmdd, daily pnl, cummulative pnl

    Money management should be a constant buying power of 1 Million dollars in backtesting. No leverage, compounding, or advanced money management please. I am seeking a common metric here.

    2) Short non-proprietary description of system style (trend following, mean reversion, intraday, long term, single asset, diversified, etc) as well as the type of assets traded (US equities, European equities, US equity futures, US IR futures, Currencies, Options, etc).

    3) Any non-proprietary details regarding the backtest such as data frequency used, commission and slippage structure used, and any potential accuracy issues.

    Please do not include any proprietary details in correspondence at this point!!! I am merely seeking to perform comparisons to our current systems to see if your systems are non-correlated to our current portfolio. I am fairly selective in this regard. If your returns prove a useful addition to our portfolio we may proceed to create a mutually beneficial licensing agreement.

    Once again I would encourage interested individuals to get in touch with me as this may be an opportunity to leverage the potential of your systems with a growing trading operation.

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  6. This was posted during the weekend. Just bumping it for those who may not have seen it.
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  7. 1). Does this have to be a production system? I have some very good ones I'm not currently trading.

    2). I don't understand your money management here. If I have a million dollars the amount I allocate per-contract is probably going to be different than someone else. How about just using a size of one contract with no comm. & slippage so you can use your assumptions?

    3). Also, I assume you're not interested in daytrading systems because they can't scale. How long of a holding timeframe are you looking for?

    I'd email you with these questions but I think these questions are going to be common for all respondents.
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  8. No it does not necessarily have to be in production. Of course this would mean that our realtime verification time would probably be extended.

    In terms of the money management, I would ideally like you to simply trade the futures price as if it were a stock price (shares = 1,000,000 / price). Yes there is a bit of a granularity issue there but this is a good representation. Also, commissions would be appreciated as they can't be avoided. Use IB rates as a proxy. Slippage need not be included as it is dependent on a number of factors. We can work with you on modelling those as we would like at a later date.

    I am not biased against intraday systems. Many can handle multiple millions. Combining a number of multi million dollar capacity system can add up to a nice sizable portfolio of systems.

    Thank you for your interest.
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  9. If my money management preference throws you, don't worry about it. Just be sure not to rollover profits. This puts undue importance on starting point of the backtest. Find a way to keep your trading results consistent across time. If your performance stands out enough we can address the details and differences at a later date.
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    I have never understood for the life of me why anyone that claims to be serious on this site doesn't give their real names. What is even funnier are the alias emails on a public mail server like yahoo.

    nitro :confused:
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