Anybody looking to sell a proven, scalable trading system/model?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by microjohn, May 13, 2005.

  1. Good for you. When this idea takes off you can use these developers as your references. I do have a few systems that I might be willing to share, but I am not interested in risking them to someone who has no established reputation in this field. I already risk my money when trading, why risk also my ideas...
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  2. nitro



    I have a system that I can do a deal with you on. No human intervention, 100% automated. You would not get the source, nor would I disclose how it works - it would simply trade your money. I would take 20% netnet.

    If you are interested, PM me and either you or I can fly out to meet each other and work out the deal and you can watch it trade. I am in Chicago...

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  3. simsim


    Would you be interetsted in a system based on endofday signals for swing, or you are looking for daya trading systems.

    Further more, I am also thinking of providing remote services , like end of day data scanning for the three exchanges, system development, Project planning, etc etc, more of a remote resource person for R&D.

    PM me if yo are interested.
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  4. It's called Swifttrade. Old news.
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  5. So...

    You're looking for a grey box system that you can use to teach the basic fundamentals of the market.

    PM me w/ e-mail. I've gotta few models that can be integrated to a grey box.

    But in short,

    I'll take 20/80 if I don't have to disclose anything but some locked up code you follow. I'll still have to know how you want to get the signals/alerts. If I have to code up custom-Windows program to spit the alerts out, I'll have to charge for that. (You are buying a software and compensating me for the model)

    If you want the source + logic, I would have to take some money upfront + what I mentioned above. If you want to, you can start with up above and see if it works for you, then buy the source off me...
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  6. afnlo2


    I developed an always in the market self trading program for forex and stocks and commodities and indexs using vt trader for forex and metastock 8 for everything else. once started, it will self trade and keep you in the market till market closes on fri or you can decide to single trade. in addition, I have developed it for the novice computer user who wants to trade but doesnt have the time or knowledge to start.
    in addition, it is much more profitable and doesnt require a learning curve and costs associated with learning how to trade..
    if you can turn on computer, start program and decide how much leverage you desire, and whether or not you wish trailing stops I developed on each trade..not just once and then you have to restart, your work is done. i am thinking of putting it on ebay and offering free 1 week trial (yes, it will cease to run after 1 week unless bought.

    it trades on chart and can be used in tick or minute or 30 min hour or day chart and
    for either day or intraday traders if you wish to turn off auto trade.

    In auto trade mode, it will execute buy and sell signals and auto reverse for constant in the market position .

    it can be set to run continously or execute only during certain hours and or days. it is designed for anyone not computer or program literate and whats to make money trading while fishing or golfing or whatever makes you happy while my auto trade program is doing all the work. just keep it on and leave it alone and enjoy...
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  7. i trade forex with my brain and can double your money in one month-year depending on your risk tolerance
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  8. afnlo2


    after all that, if you wish to buck my system, it's s on ebay under" automated trading system software". get the 10 hour version instead of full version and eat your heart out while i laugh some more. no Pun intended but that was a laughable comment.
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  9. If you have capital for me to trade, I can make 2-5% per month with a low drawdown of no more than 8% so far. I have traded my system for 82 days.

    I trade Retail Spot Forex and have not used more than 4:1 leverage.

    Michael B.

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  10. Hire me.
    I could do this for you for 2 weeks to 1 month for free(as a trial), provided that you actually set up a good amount in the account.
    20% of profits.
    I could sell you the stocks or trade them for you, you choose.
    No liability of losses.
    My system(more like a set of trading principles) is more subjective than objective, it uses technical analysis, coupled with fundamental analysis, market analysis, sentiment analysis etc. Charts and sentiment are by far my largest indicator.
    PM me for details :p. Remember, the trial is risk-free, no obligations.
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