Anybody living in Ridgewood, NJ

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  1. I will be moving there early June. I may also have an extra trading set up at home. As most of the houses are very old, because of type of solid material that they used, cell phones do not work inside the houses(funny but true). I was wondering anyone had a problem in their trading set up connectionwise in Ridgewood.
  2. did you move in to one of em giant mansions?
  3. ridgewood's an older town, but most homes are all wired for cable, electricity and has running water.

  4. Sure:)
    But I was surprised to see that in the old houses, including several of my buddies, the cell phones are dead inside.That also makes me wonder about the wireless connections...
    My buddies told me that was the case in Ridgewood, because of the construction material that they used in early 1900's.
  5. I'm sure it's got more to do with proximity to a cell tower than anything else; I can recall making cell phone calls out of homes in Ridgewood just fine.

    Welcome to Bergen County
  6. Are you planning to run your hardware off a wireless network? I think it really depends on the carrier. For some reason, my cingular phone works well in north jersey while my sprint phone often cuts off.

  7. Oh thats not too far from were I trade now which is paramus new jersey i left the city to trade there because of there great commission rates.
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    I am origanally from Ridgewood lived there for 15 years. It is a great place to have your children grow up as well as a haven from people on wall st. If you have any problems feel fre to mesage me. You shoud have no prb with internet dsl or cabel I had a few on a network was always fine cell phones are iffy town has against cell towers. Anyway welcome to the neighborhood.
  9. any futures traders here in bergen county.................i`m in fort lee & trading from home?

    bluff,what firm are you with? PM me if you like.
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    Is there anyone interested for some networking in Ridgewood area? :)

    Trading futures here.
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