Anybody knows what happened to bean complex today?

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  1. got killed today...
  2. trying hard to figure out how to prevent such big killing from happening again in the future... any thoughts?
  3. same thing that happened to all the grains corn, wheat and cotton, got destroyed...Corn was limit down, profit taking.
  4. didn't see your other post, I guess looking at intramarket relationships makes sense, those markets rely on each other a lot.
  5. You meant inter markets? How?
  6. "WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - The U.S. corn stockpile hit its largest level in four years as the autumn harvest opened in September, serving as a buffer against a smaller-than-expected crop that has driven prices to two-year highs.

    The stockpile on Sept. 1 totaled 1.708 billion bushels, the government said Thursday, surpassing expectations by 21 percent or 296 million bushels.

    Corn futures on the Chicago Board of Trade fell sharply after the report, closing below $5 a bushel for the first time in two weeks. Don Roose, analyst with U.S. Commodities in West Des Moines, Iowa, called the figure "a bearish shocker" and "a big cushion for a shortfall this year ... Now you can handle a lower yield."

    This more than profit taking. I hope this adds some clarity....Kevin
  7. Thanks a lot! Is there a way to formulate a trading strategy based on this?
  8. H2O


    I suggest that to start with you need to know when market moving reports (potentially) are due... Especially when trading ag's!

    I noticed your posts are all over the place (subject wise)- I suggest you limit the number markets you follow so you actually get to know them a bit better before you commit money.
  9. 1) The USDA calendar. The monthly and quarterly reports. :cool:
    2) Jack-of-many-markets, master of none. :confused:
  10. My eyes hurt from looking. Can anyone see the word deflation in these articles?
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