Anybody knows this about stock_trad3r?

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  1. What broker (if any) does he(she?) use? Does he trade at all? Some of his predictions are so insane he would be bankrupt 10 times over by now.
  2. Although there are sadly people out there that are that psychotically delusional...I really think turder is just doing this whole thing with a big sense of humor. Kind of like how Stephen Colbert always acts like he's right wing to be funny.

    I think he's really just goofing off.

    If he is really serious Ouch. Sucks to be him.
  3. I can only be wrong once because I trade very infrequently. I still own the same stocks I've had since early 2008. And 2006 and 2007 were great years.

    Also, a 5% decline now may only equate to a 2.5% loss from the peak of my account.

    Those who are short now can easily lose 1/3-1/2 their account if the market surges 15% so it's not just longs who lose money in this market.
  4. Why do you care enough to even start this thread? He's a flake. those aren't predictions, they are just meant to iritate people and get a response.
  5. I am torn between ST3 doing this for a big laugh or he/she is looking for some sort of affirmation and attention, or he/she is exhibiting a pattern of grandiosity behavior and has some serious need for admiration. And if none of that is the case then my bet is on the revolver because there can't be more than 10% of the account left.

  6. There no way. You bought many of these stocks over $100 and some of them are now selling for 20. How the hell does that translate to -2.5%?

  7. Yeah I have to say I agree with you on that. He's either having a big laugh or he's really out of it and pathological. Hard to tell which one. You broke it down to better detail than I did.
  8. Notice he did not specify his broker... I have serious doubts he trades at all.
  9. pbj


    He is saying that he has lost half of his account.

    If he started with $10000 and now has $5000, then a 5% loss on his $5000 is equal to 2.5% of the original $10000.
  10. If my account is at $100 if DIA in 2007 and it falls 50% it would have a value of $50. If the market falls another 5% my account would fall $2.5 , but that would only be a 2.5% decline from the peak of $100.
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