Anybody know who might be involved in Visa transaction processing??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by regough, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. regough


    Apparently 8 million Visa/Mastercard accounts were hacked- Anybody have any idea who might process these transactions- none of the stories I read disclosed the third party vendor involved????
  2. Max Pain

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  3. SOP - They're going to try to keep the name of the third party processing company quite.
  4. I believe the accounts were at/from Citizens Bank.
  5. Citizens Bank members were closed down - see cnn - but a hack of that many cards came from one of the large processors. This is almost for sure much bigger than just a bank.
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    i wish they wouldve hacked into my accnt... actually i wish i could hack into my accnt... lol i think it would be easier for a hacker to hack into my accnt then it is for me to get a representative on the phone... :D
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    KRB 14.93 -1.57 -9.52% 10.60M 11:08 Bid/Ask(14.90-14.94) Day Lo-Hi(14.76-15.80)

    however i think this stock is down more on payment deliquencies than anything else...