Anybody know good intraday screening software?

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    I'm looking for some recommendations for a good intraday screening program. I have tried out the Yahoo & MSN screeners but they don't have the capabilities that I need. The main capability that I need is to be able to compare the day's current high and low to the open price. The only program I have found that allows me to do this is Ameritrade's Advanced Analyzer BUT it will not allow you to run intraday screens. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Look at It's far from free but is real-time: Acording to this page,

    "ProphetScan gives you immediate access to scans based on the most recent market data available and provides an easy-to-use wizard to make building your scan criteria fast and easy.

    But beneath the simple interface lies a powerful, proprietary scanning engine and real-time database for market activity and technical events. Here's a list of key criteria you can scan for:

    * Major Groups - Define a broad basket of stocks based on exchanges, sectors and industry groups, and/or stocks that have options available

    * Liquidity and Price Range

    * Fundamental Criteria

    * Technicals -

    * Intraday Activity - "

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    dunno if it will do what you are asking, but you might look into it's not free but so ridiculously priced (about $2/trading day; even lower if you go annual) you should be able to recoup your expense in less than one trade (assuming you find or configure a scan to suit your needs).


    take care :)

  4. Tradestation Radarscreen is much more powerful than
    Trade-ideas because you can just input some numbers
    but can't build new ideas.

    -You can categorize by index, sector, industries
    -Sort and rank criteria automation in second intervals
    -Apply technical analysis from tick interval, minute interval
    to daily, weekly interval.
    -Apply in strategies for 1000 symbols historical, and 2000
    symbols intraday

    But it come with subscription to whole TS.8 platform
    which many trader can't afford to pay
  5. I use Trade-Ideas and have tried Radar Screen. Radarscreen is clunky and like you said forces you to have TradeStation that is the first bad thing. Second you are only scanning a fraction of the market with 2000 names intra day. Third you don't need to know easy language to use TI so people can get results right away. There is no comparison try finding double bottoms, triangle tops, whole number breakouts and when there is large size on the bid or ask with TradeStaton......
    That's what I can't
  7. If you want to use screens yourself, I have heard good things about Sort Wizard.
  8. WLD 3.0 (now Fidelity to US traders) has intraday screening I use it with Medved Quotetracker Adapter you can scan based on zillions of criteria - all programmable.
  9. Wow, zillions is hard to beat! :)
  10. Neovest ( is one of the best. But it's geared to (and priced for) professionals so if you're a retail guy who doesn't do much volume, it might not pay for itself.
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