Anybody know Eugene Steele ?

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    Eugene Steele has advertised on for some Series 3 commodity traders to work for him in South Florida. The pay and situation seem too good to be true. Most of the time, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

    Has anybody heard of this guy or had any experience with him?
  2. I have no personal experience with him, but there certainly are a number of items to investigate. I looked at his "Press Release" and here's what jumps out immediately:

    1. A guy who claims to be a lawyer and a college professor doesn't know the difference between "there" and "their." Bad start.

    2. He claims to have been a United Airlines pilot. So did my neighbor's gardener. Easy enough to check. Call United Airlines.

    3. He claims he was a lawyer. Find out where he practiced and check with the appropriate bar associations.

    4. He claims he was a college professor. Find out where and when.

    5. If he's a successful money manager, he will have audited results to show you. Ask to see them.

    Due diligence - The breakfast of champions.
  3. From that photo, I'd be less worried about his ability to time the market and more worried about his amount of time left in the market.
  4. He's beyond being a long-term trader/investor anymore! :cool:
  5. 1) Be willing to look into it. Whether because of the economy or because of cost, "higher quality" financial jobs are appearing on Craigslist.
    2) Avoid anything that requires "high" upfront training costs and slow payouts of bonus money. :cool:
  6. With a resume like that (pilot, lawyer, etc, etc), when the hell did he ever find time to learn how to trade?
  7. With names like "MadeOff" and "Steal" you can't go wrong!!! :eek:
  8. Lucrum


    I saw Eugene Steal a hub cap once.
  9. if u have to ask if this is legit or not you are already way too dumb to be trading. get a real job.

    et is slowly melting away.
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