Anybody know about a platform called "Radical"?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jester, May 29, 2003.

  1. jester

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    The platform is developed by Radical Corporation I am not affiliated in any way with them, their is no feedback on the "Software Area" here on Elite Trader?

    Just wondered if anyone has/is trading on this platform or has direct experience and can give me a little feedback?

  2. mixer


    it stinks !
  3. previousely traded on Watcher and mach. And hands down the speed of executions is superior. Thumbs up.
  4. jester

    jester Guest

    ...well thanks for the response, so far my partner and mine experience with FSG Trader has been *very* disappointing we were looking around for other direct access platforms, also I am looking at Millinium Brokers ,(Millinium Direct) which looks like it's being "branded" by other IB and Broker satellite offices..

    Anymore feedback on Radical?

  5. Radical Rocks. I know a lot of former Watcher users that are very happy with it now. What better endorsement can you ask for. Its also getting better all the time with frequent new releases.
  6. jester

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    I just talked to some of our Ft. Lauderdale traders, most former Broadway big size traders, and they speak very highly of the platform, I'm getting a demo account this week so I'll report back my own experience soon as well.

  7. i know some guy who uses it at Redwood , i beleive, and he thinks it;s awesome...It looks a lot like IQ to me