Anybody jumping out of windows yet?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 99atlantic, May 30, 2006.

  1. Just checking ^_^
  2. Daal


    bad joke of the day: no, linux too fancy for me
  3. yes, my pants got caught in the 'start' menu :D

  4. I was about to jump , but at the last moment got e mail that I saved 15% on insurance with Geiko
  5. Are you assuming everybody is long? Not the case here.
  6. I am long...gammas and vegas , lol
    Let it burn , baby !
  7. well all the buy and hold long term investor,s
    will be getting ready to jump
    if we see the NAS got to 1900 and the sp to 1180
    only the daytrader will make a killing :)
  8. Time to become Livermoreish.:p
  9. Yes!

    I live on the ground floor! I left my keys in the wood-grain and Wifey locked me in...
  10. Went flat the day the markets turned on heavy volume. Was stopped out or took profits early in the landslide. Sitting on cash now, cash is king, must protect the inventory or the game is over.

    Waiting to see if we are in an intermediate bull correction, the beginning of a bear market or just doing the same ole summer slog. I find it very difficult to differentiate between an intermediate, significant bull correction or the beginnings of the bear. Based on the heavy down volume, I'm leaning towards bear market.
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