anybody is wathcing CNBC now?

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  1. do they beg for a rate cut again?

    I bet in a couple hous it will be 2 or 3 threads here about rate cut need:D
  2. nah bloomberg is much better
  3. Where is that orange banner saying 800 points down from 14,000?
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    ...or "800 points down from DOW ALL TIME RECORD HIGH" for that matter.....
  5. What's up with all the new faces on CNBC these days?

    Barely could stand Becky now they've added some more irritating idiots.

    What's with that Trish chick? Shocking!

    Watch Squawkbox and then retreat to my office to work. CNBC during the day is worthless.

    Good Luck!
  6. CNBC needs to stop having CEOs on the air. All they do is pump their stock.
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    CNBC is trying to pre-empt Fox Biz Channel when it starts in October. I bet the personality juggling is to try folks out to ensure that if anyone signficant jumps ship they're covered. They're already lost Liz Clayman (major host) and Eric Bolling (Fast Money) to Fox.

    Since the network began pandering to the audience with all their new and annoying audio effects, "task forces", and so-called exclusives in recent weeks, the only show IMO that I enjoy watching is Squawk on the Street from 0900-1000 and the first segment of Fast Money for the day's recap.

    Otherwise, I mostly have shut CNBC off during the day because it got too damn annoying in my view -- and they have been running perpetually the MOST ANNOYING commercials. I'm thinking CNBC should rename itself DMSC instead: The Ditech-Mercedes-Scottrade-Commercial Network instead.

    Frankly, the only commentator I *really* miss hearing is Rick Santelli out in Chicago...he is intelligent, has energy, and I can honestly say I've learned from his analysis over the years.

  8. what the hellz do you do all day?

  9. Anyone remember the thornburg (ticker TMA) pump?

    CNBC had the CEO of thornburg on the air after the stock fell 40% to $8. After the CEO hyped his stock on Kudlow and Company it peaked at 15 just a few days latter for a gain of nearly 100%.
  10. Probably had options out of the money that he wanted to excercise. Bet he offered to do the segment....nice guy.
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