Anybody into fantasy football?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by omegapoint, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. I've got first pick and I"m taking Maurice Jones Drew. Had it last year and tood LT my 4th round pick Michael Turner outscored him in every category. Sleepers?
  2. Obviously a homer pick - but if the Browns offense can get back to how they looked a few years ago, watch Braylon and/or our QB. This is a contract year for Braylon and the feeling here is that once Mangini picks a starter, that guy will be the starter for awhile.

    But if you can pick up Braylon cheap, could be a worthwhile flyer knowing it's a contract year and w/o Winslow, Braylon is our only legit threat right now.

    From there, we don't know who the #2 WR will be here yet... could be Cribbs, Robiskie (rook) or Massaquoi (Rook).
  3. Braylons one of those sleepers who has an upside that you hope is overlooked in a draft. I wouldn't take him untill I've selected 2 running backs a qb and a wr, maybe 2. I might consider him a 2nd wr but I'm hoping for a surer thing for my 1st. Then, at that spot, you have to consider, if one of the elite te's is available, I'd wait on the 2nd wr. Braylons in that category of sleeper where everyone is aware of him but you might be able to steal him late ...(if everybody gets drunk enough). Which is pretty much what you said ...and know.