Anybody here with Great Point Capital?

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    There are few posts on the forum but they are all dated.

    I am wondering if anyone has first-hand experience with GPC?
  2. I traded for their prop arm before they shut it down. I sat next to a bunch of GPC guys and we had the same risk manager. I liked the RM, he was competent.

    There were some very, very good traders on their floor when I was there. What did you wanna know?
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    This information is false. A simple Google search for Great Point Capital LLC will show their headquarters are based in Chicago, Illinois. With another office located in Austin, Texas.

    They are a very respectable firm registered with FINRA and the SEC as well as have a wealth management arm. They use the Takion trading platform and you have to take the Series 57 (Securities Trader) exam. They allow the use of automating your trading strategy and there are traders that have been working with GPC for over 10 years and quite a few of them have come from Kershner Trading. They are very well connected on Linkedin. The President of the company at the moment is a BBA Economics grad from the University of Arizona.

    Some of their traders have come from schools like UT-Austin, Notre Dame, Baruch College, Texas A&M, Depaul, etc...
  4. It isn't false. The prop firm went by a different name and is no longer around. It was called Tower Hill Trading.

    Great Point is respectable. But Tower Hill is gone.
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    GPC didn't go by a different name. Tower Hill never became Great Point Capital. They both existed at the same time and were located in the same office building in Chicago. THT went bust and GPC was and still exists today.
    Sounds like you are bit confused....but regardless GPC is still around.

    The link to a past thread above explains that they were two different firms.
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  6. Did I say it went by a different name? Show me where I said that. Did I say that Tower Hill become GPC? Show me where I said that. I know they were in the same office building because I was there. Did I say GPC isn't still around? Show me where I said that.
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    Your first sentence on this thread is "I traded for their prop arm before they shut it down."

    They never shut anything down. GPC is still here. Also you're the one who mentioned Tower Hill... not me. So you loose all credibility. I don't have time for triggered people like you. Get educated....
  8. GPC's prop arm was Tower Hill you fucking simpleton. Holy shit this isn't that complicated.