Anybody here an extreme trader?

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  1. Anybody here an extreme trader? By extreme trader i mean someone who is lightning quick at executing trades. He works out 40 hours a week strengthening his fingers so he can click as fast as possible. He trades forex because it never closes, so he can devote another 100 hours a week trading aside from finger workouts.

    He drinks massive amounts of high caffeine drinks such as red bull or jolt. Sometimes when his eyelids feel heavy he will smoke meth or take some speed.

    He is chronic smokers and are constantly figiting. In society you will notice a slight hand tick from constantly clicking the mouse button. He doesn't talk much and if he does he talks really fast and their eyeballs are constantly moving around like they are tracking a fly in front of them.

    He is noticeable by thick and dark bags under their eyes. Stained pants, generally from cumblasting. Hygiene is on par with a down syndrome kid.

    When he execute trades they do it in a ferocious manner. All you hear is CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. Whenever he takes a loss they pound the desk with their hand until it bruises or bleeds. Occasionally he will take a sharp object and slash their desk like madman.

    When he wins trades he gets up and scream for joy while whipping out their smelly unkempt cocks and flinging it around like some kind of play thing. He gets happy so they make another trade right after and generally that trade is a losing trade. In which case they let out a yelp containing random profanities loud enough that the next door neighbors think you are getting butt raped but could care less because you look like a fucking freak anyways.

    I am one of these traders and i'm fucking extrEEEEEm!
  2. I hope that's not for real, because it's the funniest damn thing I've read on ET so far!!


    If it's for real, I don't know what to say!
  3. apak


    great POST

    absolutely great, if you can make trading work WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER

    if you are the majority that can't do it

    then you live like OP posted above

    trying and trying

    life sure is a bitch :(
  4. friggin hilarious. I like the bit about talking really fast with your eyes darting around the room because that's what people say about me!!

    Why cant all trolls be like you and less like stocktrad3r....
  5. You should go into comedy.

    To be serious this sounds like an extremely quick way to lose in trading.
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    Why being an extreme trader is better compared to a swing trader, who trades once a day or week achieving the same profits and enjoys life?
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    "It was a dark and stormy night."
  8. Lucrum


  9. anybody here an extreme masturbator?

    no pics plz.
  10. Nah, I'm not extreme in the least. I wake up, shower, head to the office, buy a donut or two and plop down in my big comfy chair...

    And sometimes I take an afternoon nap.

    I'm very extremmmmee!
    LMAO. :D
    funny post.
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