Anybody Heard of pro firm HLV Trading?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by birdman, May 30, 2003.

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    I get a email from them ...

    Saying, "hiring qualified active traders to trade for corporate account ... Only 5 gs minimum ... as high as 10x buying power ... as low as 4.95 per trade including all ECN and pass thru fees ...

    I searched the forums and see another post asking about them yesterday, but no replies yet ... anybody know them?:)
  2. What is funny about this, like a lot of places is that they come across like you are being hired and have to go thru an interview process in order to trade "prop" with them. However you are taking all the risk and they are just leveraging your money for you. In any other business you would fall over laughing if someone offered to hire you for a job providing you take all the business risk and on top of that they were not going to pay you.

    By the way I no nothing about the firm. I just keep seeing advertisements for interviewing traders for prop positions but then in the fine print you find out their definition of prop is zero risk to themselves so they have nothing to lose.
  3. cornerhole, I agree exactly. so many dopes falling for that 'prop' deal. it's not a deal, it's a desperation move. how they call that 'proprietary trading' is beyond me! proprietary means you're trading the house money and you do not take any personal downside risk. I'm shocked at how many people doing secured 'prop' it's ridiculous.
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    thanks guys:D