Anybody heard of Generic Trade?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Sunfair, Nov 18, 2010.

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  2. Generic that I know closed down in early 2007
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    I just rceived an email from Generic and their site is operational; at least what there is of it, which is why I'm a bit skeptical. They are offering a flat commission per contract of $0.59,
  4. I just downloaded the demo from generic trade and it looks like they clear thru RCG.

    Would be nice to hear from anyone who actually has an account with them.
  5. I opened with them a couple of months ago, I think they're pretty new. Anyways, they go through Farr Financial, which I've heard mixed reviews about, but so far so good. I've had accounts at IB, Mirus and MF and used Ninja and TT mostly. Their platform by comparison is more simplistic and not as configurable, but it's really fast and does the trick for my kind of trading (80-100/day e-mini and eurex). All in all, I liked Mirus the best before, but had some 'issues' with a broker regarding my rate and what it was supposed to be. Generic is a very simple company, but for what I need (no hassles from brokers and very fast fills) they have been great.
  6. 1) ?....They have an advertisement in the classified pages of TASC magazine?
    2) Find out who they clear through, who their officers are and where they live. :cool:
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    Thanks for input.

    I downloaded their platform demo, and it is very basic, which isn't all bad. Sometimes, too many bells and whistles can distract you from what you should be doing - simply making money.

    So now, being new to futures, I'm thinking the indexes, in particular, the s&p e-mini's, as the best chance to not rollover through the learning curve.
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    I don't know about ad in TASC? magazine.
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    0.59 cents commish-yowsa :D. Competition is a good thing,god bless the USA:)
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