Anybody heard about algo-trader, is it good?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by mizhael, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. I am looking for an automatic trading system that can link to InteractiveBrokers and my account therein.

    Is the following system good?

    p.s. Iam not really looking for a system that has a backtest engine in it... i.e. backtesting platform. I am more looking for "execution system" that comes with good performance and that can trade a few hundred stocks simultaneously at the same time...


    Any better ATS software that can link to IB?

    Thank you!
  2. Haven't tried it. Esper's a solid CEP system, though; have used it for other trading projects. Whether algo-trader is "good" or not is going to depend on what you need it to do, so you're really the best person to make that determination.
  3. What's teh benefit of having "Esper's a solid CEP system"?

    Thanks a lot!
  4. I'm not sure I understand your question, but I will guess. What I meant to communicate is that Esper, which is a component of algo-trader, is a robust complex event processing (CEP) system. So that may bode well for algo-trader, which relies upon Esper, being useful.
  5. the commercial arm of the open source project

    Is it good for an automated system that trades 10k-20k orders per instrument per day.

    I touched the limit of MT4 client platform/brokers ( approximately 1000 orders per day per one instrument)

    And what about if am going to trade many instruments simultaneously. Is it going to handle that?.

    It seems solid but i need an expert opinion?

    Also, is there any comparison between algotrader vs tradelink vs openquant?

  6. Old question, I know but here's my take on it. Esper allows you to use SQL like queries within a CEP, this makes it fairly easy for someone who's not super-technical to implement something.

    In general, it'll be entirely dependent on your strategy. I don't think any of these give you the ability to use multi-instrument indicators/strategies, a simple example would be a pairs trade where you indicator is dependent on the spread between your pair.

    I've glanced at algotrader, jbooktrader, and openquant - if you're only doing 1 instrument then any of these should work fine unless you're latency dependent (which doesn't sound like the case, otherwise you wouldn't be trading through IB nor looking at 3rd party software).

    That being said, if you can code reasonably well why not build something out on your own?
  7. I have a custom built solution that monitors hundreds of stocks intraday and is broker neutral. I chose excel to all the necessary scanning and utilize opensource and 3rd party apps to grab data and submit to Sterling as well as IB.

    However my way of trading is not in and out. My testing with Amibroker has shown that holding until the close on my strats works best.
  8. I just started building my platform using freelancing service. Also, i started to learn C# programming.

    Hopefully, this will work out in my favor.

  9. I have not used it yet but of all the open source solutions its the one that looks like it had design by the most sophisticated programmer. I also note that it will tick backtest with milliseconds (though that does not seem to be OP's concern) which is rare.