anybody have experience w/ RCG Fx?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by mgarc, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. mgarc


    have been recently looking for a good broker to trade cash fx. anybody here trade or have traded through rcg fx. care to share your experience with them? thanks.
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    Their fx trader for retail is just a white label of SaxoBank. So if you have ever tried their platform, you know what you will get. Only benefit is funds with an NFA regulated firm.
  3. mgarc


    the platform i am trying out is the RCG FX Primetrader.

    the person i am speaking with is with the institutional client side (RCG AMR Foreign Exchange Division).

    is there a distinction between them and the retail side that you mention?

  4. Do your self a favor :If you are going with th institutional platform save some $$$$ call Graceland Capital Partners (GCPfx) they use the same platfor as RCG, with there own price feed and they will cost a 1/3 less NO JOKE
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    Dude, they are not even NFA registered having just withdrawn their application for IB and NFA membership.

    4 of 5 posts pushing this storefront of a firm.

    If you are going to shill, at least try a little better.
  6. u got it wrong dude way off base
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    Whatever you say nick

  8. Guys just a quick background I was trading through London capital and was being charged 25 bux perm million and the service to say the least was dreadful 6months ago I switched to graceland saved just over 19 bux perm trade I do between 3 and 4 yards a month ur smart guys figure out what I put in my pocket. I have more liquidity and the prime broker i know trade with is one of the safest in the world and only AAA rated one around Now personally most you guys play in the shallow end I stumble on a guy who wants to go through RCG , when i was lookin for a prime broker I was quoted between 35/40 per million IF im a shill for trying to save someone money then im guilty but maybe you boys should do more than google cya
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    If only ...
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