Anybody have documentation for Blackwood Pro?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ArcticTrader, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. ArcticTrader

    ArcticTrader Guest

    Hey there... I am running a demo of Blackwood Pro to evaluate it for a friend, but I wasn't given a manual for it to help me with going through the various settings, etc.

    I have written Pacmid to ask for documentation but no response yet - just wondering if anyone out there is using this software and if they have a manual of some type available that I might be able to get...

  2. TV107


    If such a thing exists, and is in a pdf or posted to a website....this would be greatly appreciated.

    Please reply back if you know of this
  3. Joab


    save your friend the aggravation and tell him to find a better platform.

    I used it for 8 months and had all kinds of issues.

    There are MUCH better platforms out there.
  4. any luck on documentation? I am familiarizing myself with it too but would love to find some answers in some literature...