Anybody have any opinion on OptionAlpha?

Discussion in 'Options' started by surfer25, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Just curious what you think.
  2. Kurt can't derive a synthetic, let alone trade. Says he's "institutional" because he worked for a retail brokerage. Avoid.
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    I followed this guy because at the time I had considered trying to start my own newsletter just as he had. Didnt subscribe.

    He claimed he was in the deutsche edg desk which I think was a lie Bruce I had never heard of his name I was relatively close to that desk. Secondly he claims he was up money in August but the postings at the time were of people who were upset that Kurt didn't tell them how to hedge their positions (he even had the gall to write an article about heading after the fact how it was so obvious). He's a charlatan.
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    Surf -trend 25;
    Well rather than me give an ''option teacher'' a credit card & hassle with a a 30 day refund[which may or may not be refunded] .
    I much prefer the Progressive Farmer & other magazines deal-you get 30 day free sample & pay if[and only if ,LOL] you like it. I do suscribe to Pro Farmer, not OptionA...