Anybody had Lasik done? It Seems Like My Eyesight Went Overnight

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Baron, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Man, it seems like everything close up is now blurry and hard to read unless I push it away from me. This sucks. I made it to 47 without glasses but I guess my eyesight was bound to fade eventually.

    The thing is, I don't want reading glasses or prescription lenses.

    Has anybody ever had Lasik done? I'd like to hear your experience and if you recommend it.

  2. newwurldmn


    I thought about lasik but they said I might still need reading glasses. What was the point then? However, my wife got it in 2002 and no issues at all.
  3. Sprout


    Give GlassesOff app a go. It’s cheaper than lasik but requires commitment. Works on principals of neuroplastiscity.
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  4. destriero


    I've taken astaxanthin, idebenone etc., for years, but my vision has gone from 20/10 to 20/20. I would give supraphysiologic-dosing of those a try for six months before going under the laser. Anyway, be sure to get recommendations on docs. They do FU on occasion.

    No, haven't needed Lasik.
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  5. Pekelo


    Welcome to the club! When your eyes are not good for close or far...

    My wife's Lasik went back to the same after 5+ years. That was about 15 years ago so they might have better technology and results nowadays. When I asked an eye doctor about it for me, he said not everybody is a good candidate for it. He mentioned something different, a built in, implantable eye contact. He said that never goes back to the old vision, and although it is more expensive, it is also more enduring.

    I haven't looked up what he was talking about, but maybe something to consider. Lasik used to dry one's eye out, although time heals that, I think. But you have to use an eye dropper for 6+ months if not forever.


    "Implantable contact lens (ICL) surgery is an effective, safe, and quick procedure that permanently corrects a patient's vision. The procedure only takes around 15 minutes and involves placing a lens between a person's iris and lens without damaging the corneal tissue."
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  6. Baron

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    As in what dosage?
  7. destriero


    I'll PM links. 300mg ideb. 24mg astaxanthin for 5 days, and then 12mg maintenance.

    300mg idebenone with breakfast.
    12mg astaxanthin daily after 5d at 24mg.
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  8. Banjo


    Ditto, Did this on Dest's recco 5 yrs. ago. I'm 55.
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  9. Sorry to hear that.

    Most Lasik trades near-sighted vision for far-sighted vision.... usually requires reading glasses even when successful.

    Saw a story on some news program (like Dateline) where the doc who developed Lasik was now having second thoughts. Something about "cutting into a healthy eye with a percentage of devastating outcomes". Went so far as to say he "regretted" his work in Lasik.

    (Considered Lasik for myself and decided to pass.)

    Hope your situation gets better.
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  10. stepan7


    I am using this sort of glasses.
    Keklle Vision Correction Glasses Eyesight Protection Glasses Prevention of Near Eyesight A...

    The thinner the holes the better.

    Search amazon for “glasses with holes”.
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