Anybody got a system with Profit Factor 2.0+ over 2000 trades?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by KRSNA, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. KRSNA


    Years ago I realized trading involved 3 states of being.

    Analyst A
    Trader T
    Manager M

    Being good at all three gave me a card to the old 'hole in the wall'-ATM machine.

    Consistency +Compounding = Millions

    So I developed a great compounding software that checked drawdown, %wins, PF etc. Only thing is I am a discretionary trader and traded mostly in Asia in low volume markets, so size was restricted. So now I am trading in Europe.

    The power of this is best in the huge volume markets like emini and Bunds.

    I'd love to marry my position size software with someone with a system that trades the ES or Bunds where the test sample is 1000 to 2000 trades and has performed at 2.0+ Profit Factor with a sharpe ratio 1.6+

    Anyone out there got such a one? If you do, I'd say 1+1 would equal 3+.
  2. bidask


    your software does position sizing? is that it?
  3. KRSNA


    Yes. It also calculates from the history of trades the % drawdown to be experienced.

    A system set to a 5% drawdown might make $5000 over 'n' trades.

    wheras same system at a 25% drawdown will make $100,000.

    Many traders try and improve the system to make more profits, I improve the position size. Both reducing and increasing.
  4. bidask


    with all due respect, you expect someone to share a 2.0+ PF and 1000+ trades system with you for that?
  5. rickty


    Of course, the greater the allowed drawdown, the greater the potential profit. Greater risk --> Greater profit.

    I'm interested to know, what's special about your position sizing routine?

  6. This is just another, and what some people here would rightly call, a second-hander's proposition, marvelous. Welcome to the ET moochers club, you are not alone. Good luck.
  7. KRSNA


    It's automated. It motivates me to improve consistency. Tells me immediately after a trade is closed how many lots to place on the next position. Tells me whether the system will blow up with size. Everything that is in Trade Station Summary plus more.

    Years ago I read these quotes.

    "you will gain more motivation out of analyzing your records than from any other source.

    "Study your records and work with them. Each day, each week, each month, you will improve. You will find a way to do the thing that now looks impossible. With this plan, you will increase your enthusiasm and it will produce everything!"

    So I designed a record keeping, money management, compounding software system. As I worked with it I learned what type of systems it liked and I liked.

    One with a PF of 2.0+ and a Sharpe of 1.6+ over 1000 trades.

    Yet to see one!
  8. man


    i second this post and ask myself if anybody with a reasaonable system has not spend time on positions sizing. are we talking about vince and kelly here?
  9. KRSNA


    Just want to know if anyone has ever seen one? Lots of talk on ET on trading wisdom. Well for me personally that means a PF of 2.0+
  10. man


    hm. yeah. i have one system that trades a sharpe of 2+ with a profit factor of 1.27 and i just had a wild discussion on what i think profit factor is actually worth ... do not want another one. so, i am excluded from this discussion anyways.
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