Anybody going to switch to FoxBusinessNewsChannel

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. r u kidding?
    u get more bus news from bloomberg.
    why the fuck would anybody want to view the al-jazeera of the west???
    murdoch should worry abt eliminating pedophiles off his website, and sexual deviants like o'reillly.
  2. Chagi


    I have to admit, I'm a bit suprised to see another business news channel popping up. It's the type of TV that I'm actually interested in (I watch RobTV regularly), but I wonder how successful they will be.
  3. I dont know, if they get some better people on then cnbc, then why not. Like interviews with sac guys.

  4. lol but from fox news your going to expect really leggy girls. Cnbc most of the stuff is crap, but your going to expect fox is going to hire the hotest models to fill their anchor desk. LOL thats probably enought for some people to switch over. Would you rather watch 40 something year old woman, or right out of college models telling business news. And its all the same content. :D

  5. Chagi


    On that note, maybe they should introduce "the naked business news" eh? :p
  6. Seriously guys --

    I'd give it a try if my cable operator picked it up.

    Anybody know if they have a contract with COMCAST ?

  7. BSAM


    This is a really funny post. Of course, I'm only 10 years old, but occasionally I see some very attractive 40 something year old women (legs and all). Just don't know what's wrong with me.
  8. =====================
    Like end of day FOX news, that remains to be seen if thier excellance in news equals midpoint of day brief business news with Art Cashin.

    Not likely i would ever want to compare 24/7 news shows;
    just dont need anywherer near that much news.

  9. I called those idiots at CNBS and told them to fire the jackass that told them to add sound effects to the display of charts.

    The girl logged my rant sheepishly.
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