Anybody getting bearish again?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Once this FED nonsense pumping is done tomorrow and the official cut whether .25 and .50, is it time to fade the FED once again?

    Or let Santa continue his nut run into year end and let the DOW blow up to new high's. I mean do we have to see 14,100 and orange banners, all time high's again?

    Someone list me reasons to be bearish in 2008?
  2. I agree Buy the rumour sell the fact. I fully expect 50bps cut, despite all the "tough on inflation talk" then the rally willl peter out.
  3. yes, I agree it will 50 bp
    and 50 bp cut is more than enough to encourage new record highs
  4. candles


    Either way we're guarenteed some huge upside for today!
  5. Apparently 113/123 economists think it will be 25bps today only. I would still think they will go over this. Be a crash if they didnt cut though.
  6. it's silly season...ask just about anyone, I may be the most negative person alive, but i'm long since 1421ish...enjoy the ride!
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    USD showing strength against EURO... 1.4670 -.0043 on the day.... looks like FX market might be thinking .25 bps cut only
  8. I'm in the .25 crowd. I was .50 two weeks ago but market just plain old getting over saturated.

    Today and tomorrow is time to unload long positions from the last dip and start easing in on new shorts in hopes of 500-1000 point swing back down as a position/swing trade for next month or two.

    I won't be surprised if the market finishes down today after a .25 cut.
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    i am also in.25 bps crowd...

    initial reaction will be selloff but market will come back from it lows before the closing bell...
  10. A 25bps cut will be bad for equities. But depends on the comments. But i dont know if they can cut big because of the ramifications with china. But I dont trust the FOMC either way, so nothing surprises me.
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