anybody get their money from tuco yet ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tommbox, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. tommbox


    we will see . hopefully the wire comes through.
  2. the money should get disbursed when the trial is over. be patient, as patient as you can be.
  3. tommbox


    well i sent in the wire transfer. my password doesnt work nymore so hopefully that is a good sign. we will see. how long does it usually take for a wire transfer?
  4. mksummy what firm are you heading too?so is tuco shut down till the trial?
  5. Usually only a of luck
  6. see what I mean there is always a few.................... they just can not not say anything. It's just like they are drawn to say something about somone's negative cirumstance. It is unbelievable. I hope you sleep better at night...............
  7. ElCubano


    i sorry...i hope is works out for you and good luck..i was just being an ass....sorry

    i deleted it...again i wish you luck...
  8. thank you, that is in fact standup of you. If the world was full of people that apologize that quickly and give up their pride when in the wrong it would indeed be a better place.
  9. Doug has always seemed like a stand up guy- although I have never met him personally.

    I can say without hesitation- you will NOT find a better human being than Mike Kestler.

    This is not an operation that was shady and stealing peoples money. Not having intimate knowledge with whats going on- I can only say that these guys will do whatever they can to make things right.

    Just asinine this happened in the first place. And save the preaching about the "law".
  10. i know the sec were in the offices on sat. my friend knows mike kestler and he says he's one of the best day traders in america bar none taking down 5-20k a day.
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