Anybody get irritated by trump as much as I am?

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  1. The dude is not even the richest person in NYC (I think Bloomberg is) and his net worth is dwarfed by more worthwhile individuals (like Gates, Buffett, Mittal, Google guys, Larry Ellison, Bloomberg, I could go on forever) yet he is on tv non stop like a business god. He publishes books like Surviving At the Top and Art of Survival within 2 consecutive years...

    Trump is lame as hell. He considers his stupid comb over to be "beautfiul hair". He marries only super models (this time his newest gold digger is 23 years younger than him)

    His casino business turned into a miserable failure, his chicago development defaulted on an interest payment to deutsche bank, etc.

    But what takes the cake is the stupid show called "the apprentice". It is the dumbest thing ever imagined and is basically designed to "elevate trump brand".
  2. Not only that, but he resigned from Trump Casinos & Resorts, which owned Trump Atlantic City and Taj Mahal.

    He blamed the board of directors when the company couldn't make its interest payments on time, quarter after quarter, until the bank declared the company in default.

    All of a sudden, it was the board of directors' fault.

    Trump talks a big game, and is full of horseshit.

    This doesn't even mention all the other B.S. projects he started or lent his name and direction to that are failing all over the world, including Dubai and Chicago.
  3. What were the odds that he would have fired Rivers. He would never have gotten another loan in NYC again. The fix was in from the start.
  4. The Jews control the media and the banking system. Say la vee. :cool:
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  6. Not really. He hasn't done anything to me personally nor has he affected my livelihood. I tend to not get too angry at people I don't know whom don't have any real influence on my life, but that's just me.

  7. The only question I would have is:

    Has Trump grown his wealth over the course of his business life?

    If he has, then he has done what he is supposed to do.

    I have noticed that anyone on the top of anything is going to get attacked for something.

    Trump likes golddiggers, so what?

    Buffett lost money at BRK.A, so what?

    Manny R. is serving a 50 day suspension for doping....well that one pisses me off.

    Bill Gates/ Wal-Mart take turns on who is the devil on earth.

    Pres. Obama is the magic negro.

    The list goes on and on.

    Are there any rich guys and gals that the masses like?????
  8. Great post.

    Yes Trump was born on third base. Yes Trump is a shameless huckster. Yes Trump takes on excessive risk to lenders and investors-well not so cool-and yes Trumps acumen isn't always 100%. But yes, in general he does whats good for Trump just as I do what's good for Pabst. Adam Smith would say that's the whole idea.....

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