Anybody familiar with Stock Market Funding Trading School?

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  1. Hello ETers,

    Has anybody taken or is in the process of taking this course?

    It is not reviewed here on ET and I googled it but there is no info about it or head trader/educator Mario Marciano other than references to the site.

    The advantages of the program seem too go to be true, but the tuition is not stated anywhere on the site so I am wary.

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    Yeah, I've been actively involved in the education program and school since mid 2007. Mario is hands down the best trend predictor and stock forcastor around. You should sit in for 5 days free and see if it makes sense for you. I guarantee you won't look at the stock market the same. Until you're ready to come in you should just want the 400+ 2010 Youtube Stock Market Videos
  3. I have been a student since March, trading live since Mid April. Mario knows what he teaches us and uses proprietary mathematical formulas that you can learn. There are many opportunities and at first I thought it was too good to be true. We are a group of nice people and would love for you to join the Free Trial. It's really the only way you can pass judgement. Watch videos from the SMF website and read some of our blogs.
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    Not that I really care, but why do I get the impression that all three posters before me (littlfish, SMFTrader, SMFHotStocks) are one and the same poster.
  5. Paranoid much? Question was asked, and answered. :)
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    Yeah schizo, we really spend all our time coming up with several aliases to get "schizo" people like you to join our school lol. Noticed I've been a member on here since 2008? We took the time to answer the thread's question and we could really careless if any retail traders like yourself sign up, we're looking for people who have talent.
  9. Yea.. that was one of the scariest things Ive seen posted on ET... EVER!! LOL!

    AND I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I agree . . . these jecks come on here and think they are dealing with idiots.
    The YouTube was hilarious. That guy has some serious anger issues and a total lack of patience.
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