Anybody experience with SpoozToolz ?

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  1. Anybody experience with SpoozToolz ?

    Spooz, Inc. announced today their plan to provide SpoozToolz™ customers with order routing and trade execution through exchange gateways from Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT). Access to TT’s high-performance gateways will enable SpoozToolz customers to connect to over 20 derivatives exchanges around the world and to access the transaction and clearing services of over 110 brokers in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia and Dubai.
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  5. i like the moving average entry thing looks useful
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    Spooztoolz is in limited beta test right now. I have had several exstensive demos of the product and it has many unique features I have yet to find in any other software. The new demo video on their website offers a very brief intro to it. If you are in Chicago you can arrange a demo for yourself. They will answear every question you have until you are satisfied.
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    I saw the new video and SpoozToolz is amazing. I like the way Spooz middle ware engines handle all the computational payload and uses excel format simply as a blotter to display the data. The quote manager is awesome, giving you control over things like price scale and session trading templates and will even auto splice data feeds. for connectivity, It showed an incredible list of exchanges and ECN's pre-configured handlers. You can trade unlimited asset classes. The quote manager stores every Bid and Ask and analizes many facets of data. They have a charting package that will display in tick resolution two data feeds simultaneously. I could go on and on, the program is that phenomenal,

    Thanks for posting the link!

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    I think that's a key point for Spooz's software is that they've been able to bypass issues for trading with Excel with SpoozToolz2 middleware.
    Their middleware core engine can handle 10 million instructions per second... that's impressive.

  9. Not only that kami,

    the middleware creates, stores and analyzes data as well as does data mining.......

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    fedfunz, do you have a contact name at Spooz to see a demo in Chicago.
    Also, is the beta testing limited to a restricted list of testers or is Spooz looking for any professional traders to test in beta right now.
    Thanks, kami
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