Anybody experience with optionclub?

Discussion in 'Options' started by jansen_ja, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Does someone knows more about as a source for information about volatility and more regarding options?
    Or do you know better alternatives/programs with which you can scan option volatilitys/volatility changes etcetera...?
  2. Try, optionvue, optrack (trackdata vendor) or better yet create your own realtime (the 1st two are 15 minutes delayed). To create you own, google for Excel addins and there is a company that will sell you VB/Excel option forumlas. Need a lot of work though but probably worth it.
  3. =====
    '''' is a good read;
    however my favorite is a customized,specialised list which fits on a business envelope 4 by 8 inches

    A list that small forces one to focus & specialize like on stock option indexes or limited qroup of stocks;
    also use standard size paper for more end of day[eod] data.:cool:

    I process & use info better when i write it.

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