anybody ever trade with barkely?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by joeyata1, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. what type rates do they offer?
  2. If it's Patrick Parker of Barkely, then stay away from this person.

    He's a snake ... a pure con man.

    IF it's the same person affiliated with this group, he used to be President of "Concord Trading Group" here in Florida.

    He would advertise info-commercials on TV and radio about " .... a 1 cent move in your favor on your options in unleaded gasoline futures would net you $40,000 on 40 contracts." (relative).

    Always talking Calls .... always bullish, had all the glitz and fast moving images in his TV commercials.

    If you look up his name on NFA search, you wouldn't see any NFA/CFTC actions, but on Concord Trading Group .... oh yea, lots of rulings and complaints.

    This con man would set himself up in such a way in that he would escape NFA actions, personally that is.

    After Concord closed up, he would just open another firm.

    He didn't want seasoned traders, just to dupe the public.

    Last time I knew, he lived in a condo off the water in Aventura, Fla., near Miami Beach.

    I knew this cause I was visiting an IB who lived in the same condo. We actually met up with him in the elevator, and as I recognized him, I was grilling him about his retorical BS on futures options.

    He couldn't wait to leave LOL

    Anyway, like I say, if it's the same guy affiliated with this Barkely Financial group (and I think so) ... stay away.